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Phone: 79 30 11 50

Danish Philharmonic Orchestra

Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

Danish Philharmonic Orchestra

Experience the new season

Keep an eye on our exciting concert calendar to experience the musical magic of The Danish Philharmonic Orchestra. Our concerts are a unique mix of talented musicians, beautiful arrangements and unforgettable musical experiences.

In our concert calendar, we open the door to a world of diverse tones and musical journeys. We strive to unite the classical with the modern, present works by great composers side by side with innovative pieces, and showcase the musical diversity in a way that inspires, challenges and enriches our collective taste in music.

Season launch 2024 / 2025

Season launch on 17 April 14-16 in Alsion

Although we're not quite done with the current season, we can't wait for the next season to begin. Great, international soloists, exceptionally talented women on stage, music for people of all ages. We therefore invite you to the Season Launch of our upcoming season with bubbles, cake, coffee and tea. Maybe it could even be that the music director gives a number on his cello? Well met!

Ticket sales start

If you want to secure your ticket before your neighbour, you must write Wednesday 24 April at 12:00 in the calendar.

Flex discount, gift vouchers and youth tickets

Remember that there is money to be saved if you buy several tickets at once - in fact up to 30%. You can also give a concert experience as a gift, or take children or grandchildren along at favorable prices.

Meet the orchestra

We are a regional orchestra – the entire regional orchestra. Every week we play for audiences throughout southern Jutland, an area with more than 700,000 enthusiastic spectators.

With our roots firmly planted in the local community, we create magical moments regardless of whether we perform in Sønderborg, Tønder, Aabenraa, Haderslev, Kolding, Flensburg or Schleswig. In The Danish Philharmonic Orchestra, we have an ambition that our presence and passion for music is always within reach and accessible to our audience.

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New House Artist – Lil Lacy

The dreams that bring us together For some of the orchestra's followers...

Læs mere3 May 2024

900 students from Sønderborg Municipality gathered for a school concert in Alsion

900 students from Sønderborg Municipality gathered for a school concert in Alsion...

Læs mere2 May 2024

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