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Danish Philharmonic Orchestra

Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

Rued Langgaard Festival

After eight years, the Danish master conductor Thomas Dausgaard returns at the head of Sønderjylland's Symphony Orchestra at the tradition-rich concert at the Rued Langgaard Festival. The concert begins with nothing less than a world premiere. Thomas Dausgaard has orchestrated Rued Langgaard's string quartet no. 3, where good and evil fight each other right to the last note. With Dausgaard's choice of the title Rabbia (fury), which Langgaard used for a time, an intense orchestral experience is set up, where we go through the entire range of emotions.

Anton Bruckner, was born 200 years ago this year, wrote symphonies that can best be compared to the experience of entering a great cathedral, where the ceiling is infinitely high. The greatest of them all is Symphony No. 8. Over the course of four grown-up movements, we move from a world characterized by mystery and omens of death to a finale where light triumphs. It is music created for the mighty Ribe Cathedral. Rued Langgaard Festival's theme this year is "Faith". Both Bruckner and Langgaard believed that with the help of music they could give us listeners access to a world far greater than we can imagine. We also need that experience in 2024.

🕒 Approx. 2 hours with a break


R. Langgaard_ String Quartet no. 3 (Rabbia) – arranged for strings (T. Dausgaard)
A. Bruckner: Symphony No. 8


Thomas Dausgaard



Friday, 06 September 2024




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Ribe Cathedral
Torvet 19, 6760 Ribe
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