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Phone: 79 30 11 50

Danish Philharmonic Orchestra

Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

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No two musicians are alike. Not even in our orchestra. From the skilled string players to the virtuoso wind players, each individual brings a unique timbre to our musical ensemble. Here you can read about our musicians and learn more about the orchestra. Each musician carries with them a unique history and background that is reflected in their music. From their sources of inspiration and favorite composers to their personal approach to creating and exploring tones, there is much to learn about our dedicated and diverse ensemble. 

Philharmonic Choir

For over 20 years, the Philharmonic Choir under the direction of Alice Granum has formed the framework for fantastic choral concerts with our orchestra.

The Philharmonic Choir was formed in the spring of 2003. The choir currently consists of 55-60 members and is an ambitious amateur choir with a long tradition of performing major choral works, especially oratorio works and masses, which are performed together with the Danish Philharmonic Orchestra in two to three annual projects.

It is thus a well-established ensemble that, with roots in tradition, constantly sets new artistic goals in collaboration with the orchestra.

Since the beginning, the choir has been led by Alice Granum, who is a docent in choral conducting at the Southern Danish Music Conservatory in Odense.

The choir is open to new members - especially in the tenor group. Contact is made to Alice Granum at

The music director

Adam Stadnicki is a recognized conservatory-educated cellist with an impressive background from Copenhagen, Paris and New York. He has extensive experience from an active artistic career spanning his time in Athelas Sinfonietta, all the capital's symphony orchestras and as part of the piano quartet Copenhagen Piano Quartet. Now he is our music director, and we are happy about that.


Lift the curtain on the music

Each instrument in a symphony orchestra plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious and rich sound. The strings add warmth and depth, the winds bring color and character, while the timpani provide power and rhythm. Together they create a beautiful and complex musical experience. Get to know each of them here.

The team behind the orchestra

Behind a well-functioning orchestra is a dedicated team, where every single role is crucial. From finances to administration, producers, archivists, directors and communications officers – every link is indispensable for the orchestra to deliver. They all contribute equally importantly to the orchestra's success, when together they create harmony between artistic expression and stable operation.


Philharmonic Choir


Durita Engedal

Margaret Anderson

Grethe Mary Kristensen

Ulla Maibohm

Tina Nielsen

Birthe Petri

Gitte Zealand

Lotte Vahlkvist

Sanne Degn Lund

Jette Zoëga

True Milling

Antoinette Kordic

Marie Munk

Anna Master

Claudia Lenora Stens Christensen


Inger Eriksen

Marie Kjøller Linnet

Kirsten Moller

Anne Graehn

Ane Kjærgaard Fischer

Elin Uppdal

Marie-Louise Biering-Nielsen

Lillian Svanekær Kudsk

Charlotte Nyborg

Line Brown

Irene Høgsberg

Mette Jessen

Jutta Öhler

Susanne Schmutzler

Monika Merz


Tony Crab

Niels Kryger

Jens Knudsen

Steen Høck Nielsen

Sverre Nielsen

Bent Gyldenhof

Keld Mikkelsen Homburg

Mathias Linneberg


Peter Ross

Ove Steiner

Luis Cruz-Filipe

Gunnar Sorensen

Axel Davidsen Jessen

Thomas Magaard

Povl Kristensen

Rasmus Hansen

Niels Børgesen

Torben Dahl

Carsten Hansen

Tue Nielsen