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Phone: 79 30 11 50

Danish Philharmonic Orchestra

Alsion 2, 6400 Sønderborg

Find tickets for all our concerts

Whether you prefer the intimate atmosphere of a concert hall, the energetic atmosphere of a gym or the free feeling of music under the open sky, we have a concert to suit your taste. To ensure that you do not miss out on our musical experiences, tickets must be purchased directly on the individual concert page in our programme.

The Alsion packages

We value our loyal local audience and with the Alsion packages you get exclusive access to a number of fantastic concerts in the beautiful Alsion concert hall.


We offer flexible discounts, student prices, family tickets and group prices - all at sharp prices, so that everyone has access to wonderful concert experiences.

Gift card

Is there anything better than giving a fantastic experience as a gift? We don't think so. Give your loved ones a gift card for one or more concerts.

The Alsion packages

Some things are simply so good that you have to have two of them. This is what we have with the Alsion packages. That is why we have upgraded this year, and can proudly present no less than two different Alsion packages: Den Stoe and Den Bette.

The Alsion packages are not just a subscription; it's your ticket to become part of our musical community and experience concerts on a whole new level. 

From the great soloists to the young debutantes. Den Stoe is my take on the perfect concert package.

In the heart of Sønderborg, Alsion stands as a cultural beacon, and nothing expresses this better than the Alsion package Den Stoe. A unique composition of world stars, young debutantes, strong female voices on the podium, traditional Christmas concerts, iconic Danish composers and magnificent choral works come together under this breathtaking package that promises a world of musical experiences.

A unique opportunity to experience the magic of classical music.

Make no mistake about the name. Small package, big music. The Alsion package Den Bette is the perfect opportunity to experience great choral works, well-known conductors, talented soloists and debutantes. With 7 carefully selected concerts and an advantageous price, you get away with only DKK 185 per concert.

Try one of our many

Discount schemes

SDJSymfoni OCT2021 035-PSF_6692 ©Patricio Soto

Student and children's tickets

We would very much like to have more children and young people at our concerts, so that they too can experience the magic of classical music. Students can come to our concerts for only DKK 95, while children and young people aged 18 only have to pay DKK 50.

SDJSymfoni OCT2021 091-PSF_7091 ©Patricio Soto

Flex discount

There is money to be saved if you buy several tickets at a time. You get 20 % when buying for 4-7 concerts and 30 % discount when buying for 8 or more concerts by ordering via our website or

Skærmbillede 2023-11-10 kl. 12.09.08

Family tickets

You and your family can enjoy selected concerts at a particularly advantageous price. Give yourselves the opportunity to create lasting memories and experience musical moments together, without breaking the budget.

Student tickets at student-friendly prices

Experience the magic that occurs when the tones merge and fill the room with a unique harmony for only DKK 95! With the Southern Jutland Symphony Orchestra's student ticket, the doors to a world of musical experiences are opened for all students with a valid student card. For the entire 2024/25 season, you can now step into Alsion and become part of something quite extraordinary at a price that fits the student's wallet perfectly.

Imagine settling down in the concert hall, closing your eyes and letting the notes of the symphony orchestra take you on a musical journey. With a student ticket, you don't just get access to concerts – you become part of a community where the passion for music is shared and where all age groups are united through the sound of classical masterpieces.

SDJSymfoni OCT2021 012-PSF_6541-Edit ©Patricio Soto

The gift that cannot be exchanged

Gift card

Giving a gift card for the orchestra's concerts as a gift can be an incredibly enriching experience. This gesture goes beyond the ordinary material and instead offers a unique cultural event. 

Gift cards can also be purchased via the orchestra's administration.

Please contact us by phone +45 79 30 11 50 or by email

Gift cards for concerts south of the border can be purchased via The SSF ticket

Ticket prices

If you are 25 people or more who are going to a concert together, a 25% discount is given on the ticket price. This only applies to the concerts that can be purchased as a subscription, and it does not apply to the New Year's concerts. Group tickets must be ordered no later than three weeks before the concert.

Price group A

295 DKK

Price group B

225 DKK

Price group C

195 DKK


95 DKK

Children under 18

50 DKK

What is the Alsion package?

We want to extend a warm thank you to you, our dedicated and beloved audience, for your tireless support over the years - and we are proud of our beautiful concert hall, which has been the setting for countless musical journeys and artistic moments. The Alsion package gives you access to a carefully selected series of concerts that span a wide range of genres and styles. All in our beautiful concert hall Alsion.

How do I buy the Alsion package?

The Alsion package can be ordered in three ways:

  • By physically attending the season launch in the orchestra's administration on 24 March from 10.00-12.00.
  • Via the website on 24 March from 12.00*
  • Via the printed order coupon on pages 26-27**


Which seats in the hall can I choose?

If you buy the Alsion package by physically attending the season launch, you can choose your own seats, and you have them for all concerts in the package. If you buy the package after the clearance sale has started (April 11, 2023), you can still buy the package at the good price, but then you will automatically be assigned seats by our system. For the season launch, it is also possible to buy additional tickets for e.g. The New Year's concert. These additional purchases are not possible online before April 11, 2023.

What does it cost?

For only DKK 1995, the Alsion package opens the doors to a world of musical experiences. We hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity and look forward to sharing musical moments with you.

Which concerts does the Alsion package give you access to?

In season 2023/24, the Alsion package includes the following concerts:

  • Season opening – 7/9/2023
  • Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem – 7.10.2023
  • The Lithuanian Violin – 11.10.2023
  • This Is Halloween – 26.10.2023
  • Sacred – 2.11.2023
  • Gospel gala – 7.12.2023
  • Handel's Messiah – 14.12.2023
  • Brantelid Spiller Dvorák – 1.2.2024
  • Postcard From Vienna – 8.2.2024
  • Isabelle Van Keulen – 7.3.2024
  • The Sound Of Broadway – 21.3.2024
  • Great Symphonic Party – 30.5.2024

* There was previously an online form for ordering the Alsion package. This no longer exists: It is now possible to order the package via the front page like any other concert.

** Orders for the Alsion package made with the printed order coupon will only be processed by the orchestra's administration from Monday 27 March 2023.